Referral Program


How our referral program works:

Referrals help us a lot and we believe that should be rewarded. Simply tell your friends to mention to us, after placing an order, that it was you who told them about Restring That Thing. That’s it!

What’s in it for me?

Once 3 different people place an order with us and tell us that it was you who told them about Restring That Thing (don’t worry, we keep track of how many times someone mentioned you), we’ll notify you that you’re eligible for a free stringjob. (This of course assumes we have your contact information from a previous order by you or you communicating with us; if by some chance we don’t, we’ll obtain it from the person you referred.) You can pick any strings you like from our string selection or provide us with your own if you prefer. We’ll pick your racket up (must be in our Greater Vancouver coverage area), restring it, and deliver it back to you at a cost of $0.00.  And for every 3 different people after the initial 3, you’ll get another free restringing! 

What’s in it for the person I’m referring?

If someone mentions to us that you told them about Restring That Thing, they’ll get 20% off their entire Restring That Thing order. Specifically, after they’ve placed their order and informed us that you referred them, we’ll refund 20% of their order. Please note, this referral discount can only be applied to a customer’s first ever Restring That Thing order.